Domo-kun’s Meal

D…O….M,O! DOMO! There’s something about him that everyone just can’t help but fall for. He’s originally NHK’s mascot, a Japanese broadcasting station, and then suddenly his popularity grew from there. What is he exactly? There are theories but mostly he’s simply a lovable creature who was born from an egg and came into the care of a rabbit, Mr. Usagi (Mr. Rabbit). When a series of mini episodes of Domo-kun came out, it was awesome to get to hear the little guy and find out more about him. Here are a couple of my favorite episodes that also happens to show what he eats.

Dish: Rice, Tofu Miso Soup, and Fish

For Dessert: Peach

Since Domo-kun is from Japan, it’s natural that Mr. Usagi makes a traditional Japanese meal of fish, miso soup, and rice for them to eat. The difference is the peach that Domo loves to snack on his show from all the peach trees growing around them. I’m not sure how I feel about the fish but the meal is very light and cleansing for the stomach. Like Domo-kun, this might not satisfy the hunger for long.

*Stomach Growls* RAWRRRRRR