In The Zone With Cell Phones

When it comes to cell phones, Korea and Japan dominate. They use their phones for almost everything from swiping the phone in the subway or bus to using it to count attendance in class.  America has been beat when it comes to the technology and variety of cell phones they offer. For example, video calling is not new there and can video call just about anywhere whereas we have to have wifi to use it. This could be because they have less ground to cover compared to the U.S. but you still can’t help to feel a little jealous. Of course, crazy cell phones call for accessories to match them that blow away any cell phone case we have available here. In a good or bad way is up to you. Check these out.

The severed hand case is supposed to make you feel like your holding someone’s hand when you use your phone and come with and adult sized hand or child sized hand. Yeaaaah…