Mulan’s Porridge

It’s about time I break into the classic Disney films. I happen to already have the ingredients for Mulan’s rice porridge or “congee” in my fridge and it brought me back to my childhood. I remember how seeing the trailer in the movie theater gave me goosebumps all over. The film became my favorite Disney (which might not be a surprise to some of you) because Mulan was different compared to the other typical lovey dovey princesses. She was kick ass. Even though I watched Sailor Moon since I was little, Mulan was the one that really got me interested in Asian culture including my own.

Dish: Rice Congee, Bacon, and Eggs

Aw, it looks like it’s crying. Nom nom nom.

When you see the animation, the bowl is small yet it fits two eggs and a slice of bacon with room to spare. Another real world issue I encountered so the food didn’t fit the bowl like it does in the movie. The bowl I used is actually pretty big but I still had to snip away some egg white and bacon tips. Next time, I’ll try a bigger bowl to get the right look even though it would be more of an American portion rather than an Asian portion. The actual dish is kind of a joke in the movie anyway since bacon is not exactly Asian.