Bend Over Bento

Bento, the word that generally means lunchbox in Japanese, are famous for moms being super creative with food for their kids. Sometimes it can be quite a competition in the lunchroom among classmates… Continue reading

KiKi’s Delivery Service Cake

Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of Studio Ghibli’s earlier creations and still remains as one of my favorite Ghibli movies today. In the film, all witches have to go through a year long… Continue reading

Neurowear: Ears and a tail react to how you feel

Japan would’ve come up with this eventually. These are a little freaky but pretty cool at the same time. It could give an awesome touch to some costumes for a party or something.… Continue reading

Sally’s Worm’s Wart Soup

For some reason, I’ve mainly watched this movie during Christmas season but I found it more appropriate to post for the Halloween month. Tim Burton has come up with quite a few good… Continue reading

Music: Gangnam Style by PSY

At first, I thought I was listening to my music on my iPhone as I was going to work but then I hear a commercial. I had to peek down to be sure… Continue reading

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer

What better way to start October than with butterbeer? We all know we wanted it when we read the famous series and even more when we saw it on the screen. It’s amazing… Continue reading

Bagel Head Trend

I think Japan’s bagel head trend kicks the crooked teeth trend in the butt. Have the Japanese finally gone too far? Nah. To me, I’d say they are doughnut heads. It takes two… Continue reading

Homer Simpson’s Doughnut

We all watched and even still watch the famous TV show,  “The Simpsons”. Many of the viewers have grown up watching it like me. The show is easily one of the things the… Continue reading

The Pirates! Ham Nite

Obviously, there’s some horror craze going on right now with zombies, vampires, witches, and wizards. Pirates certainly worked for Pirates of the Caribbean so why not in claymation?  The movie had a humorous… Continue reading

Wallace and Gromit’s Cheese and Crackers

My dad introduced me to Wallace and Gromit when I was little and their wacky adventures converted me almost instantly. Play-Doh never looked the same and cheese over a cracker was the next best… Continue reading