Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies

 This particular dish reminded me of those days in my elementary school cafeteria where I looked at my taco roll in horror. The questionable brown meat with grease soaking through the bottom of the taco shell. I’ve had cafeteria meat nightmares where the lunch ladies would use students for produce and I relive the nightmare today.

Tim Burton’s version of the classic “Sweeney Todd” was a delight to watch. That is until you see the customers munching happily away on Mrs. Levitt’s new meat pies and we all watch them eat what we know they are eating. And seeing the meat grinder? It’s enough to go vegetarian.

The film is awesome.

Dish: Meat Pies

I know I made it with ground turkey meat but I can’t get the thought out of my mind. The pies taste fine, yummy even but as the tiny morsel makes its way down, I can’t seem to stomach it. Another dish for the delighted boyfriend garbage can.