Sally’s Worm’s Wart Soup

For some reason, I’ve mainly watched this movie during Christmas season but I found it more appropriate to post for the Halloween month. Tim Burton has come up with quite a few good films but nothing as grand as “Nightmare Before Christmas.” I guess you can say the horror craze truly began once this movie was released in 1993. It’s amazing how the film still maintains its popularity today as merchandise hang on store walls like Hot Topic.

In this scene, the character, Sally, was created by crazy Doctor Finklestein below so ended up being like his maid. She wanted to get out to see Jack so she decided to put some snooze concoction in the doctor’s dinner of worm’s wart soup. He was suspicious after smelling rat’s breath (I would be too) so he asked her to try it first. Sally thought ahead and had her spoon with holes in it so it looked like she tried it but she actually didn’t. He chugged it down, passed out, and Sally was able to make her escape.

Dish: Worm’s Wart Soup

First, I had to find a lot of worms at a gas station that are sold for fishing. It was hard to look as I mashed them up and guts were spewing everywhere but it had to be done…just kidding! There’s no way, the soup is actually split pea soup so it’s edible but still looks disgustingly booger green. It tasted like boogers, worm’s wart,  and rat’s breath too so I’d say it’s a good recreation. Pea soup? Bleh.

For Sally’s trick spoon, I happen to own a couple of wooden spoons so I simply drilled some holes. Now my silverware collection is complete and I can avoid sipping any unwanted dishes that come my way with my new handy-dandy trick spoon. Why don’t people market this? Many stomachs can be spared in the world with this spoon.