Wallace and Gromit’s Cheese and Crackers

My dad introduced me to Wallace and Gromit when I was little and their wacky adventures converted me almost instantly. Play-Doh never looked the same and cheese over a cracker was the next best thing to spaghetti.

When I think about all the hardships that Gromit goes through to help Wallace, it makes me think if all our dogs go through the same crap for their masters. How do we look in the eyes of our pets?

Dish: Select cheeses, Saltines, and tea

As he licks some tea to wash down the cheese, my Gromit enjoys the snack too!

It was fun making the Saltines box look like the cracker brand Wallace eats and makes me smile when I open my pantry. When we went to the grocery store to look for some cheese Wallace might appreciate, it was hard to choose with all the different kinds there were! Some had European names though so it made the decision a little easier but now I might start a habit of trying out different cheeses with my cracker. Some wine wouldn’t hurt either.