The Pirates! Ham Nite

Obviously, there’s some horror craze going on right now with zombies, vampires, witches, and wizards. Pirates certainly worked for Pirates of the Caribbean so why not in claymation?  The movie had a humorous twist to pirates so I really enjoyed watching what the creators of Wallace and Gromit made.

Is anyone else wondering why that guy is the only guy with red eyes?

Anyways, watching some kid movies as an older person, I realize how fast-paced they make them and I noticed that while watching this movie. But it had some jokes kids probably wouldn’t catch so it’s a good one for all ages.

Dish: Ham and Beer

For those of you who have bought a whole thing of ham before, you’re probably wondering how I found one with the bone still sticking out in the back. Well, I didn’t. Let’s just avoid where and how I got a bone in there. The beer on the other hand, is actually butter beer from Harry Potter. It was easier than buying draft beer and turned out to have its own after effects.