Man in Nature

When we study biology, we know that most males in the animal kingdom are more beautiful than females so they can attract the females for mating. So, why does it feel backwards for homo sapiens? Isn’t that against nature?

In America, at least, because I realize a lot of guys here don’t make much effort in their looks. Some do but majority don’t. I mean, just like guys enjoy seeing girls dressed up and cute-looking, I like seeing my boyfriend looking fine in those rare moments he actually tries (-_-*)

I studied abroad in Korea for a semester and I was amazed at how well dressed everyone were, especially the males. They just made it look so natural and seemed totally comfortable no matter what they were wearing. No one cared what others had on whether it be pink short shorts or a flower for a bow tie. Maybe sometimes in America, we care in the wrong place.

I guess what I’m trying to say is is I wish more guys in places besides NY and California had more confidence in their looks and wear whatever they liked, not being afraid of what the other guys think.