Ponyo Ramen

My next dish was going to be something from an American film/series but I already had the ingredients for this so I couldn’t help but make it!

Ponyo by Studio Ghibli is like the Japanese version of our Little Mermaid by Disney. The film isn’t one of my favorite Ghibli films but it’s still a great adventure to watch. It’s the only Ghibli film that made it to all select movie theaters in the US so I was thrilled to see that happen and it turns out a lot of people really enjoyed it.

Dish: Ham, Boiled Egg, and Green Onion Miso Ramen

In the end, ponyo has good taste! Usually, I like my ramen with lots of veggies and a poached egg but this really hit the spot. Next time, I think I’ll try different ham but my boyfriend on the other hand just wants more “hamu” :3