Low Crime in Japan?

Japan is well known to have low crime rates compared to other first world countries. Why do you think that? As an old anime fan and after visiting Japan, you really see how unafraid the Japanese are to express themselves of who they are, especially in their clothes. Even with a disciplined background, they are also able to be so out there and creative. Maybe it’s because they have discipline and expression balanced, there is less crime in Japan.

When we went to a neighborhood store or a 100 yen (dollar) store, we would find all kinds of things like the stuff below out there in the open, available for the public at all times. Not hidden or shady, it’s just always there behind the dollar groceries.

Maybe because the Japanese are openly able to express themselves when it comes to their clothes or merchandise and are happy about it, they don’t feel like they are holding anything back that would make them want to do crime otherwise?

Like the picture above, they are also so orderly and clean that shows in the streets of Japan. I didn’t experience areas that smelled like pee in public areas anywhere at all. It could just simply be the disciplined culture they have in their houses and at their school or work place that there is less crime and disorder. They are taught to respect their elders and students take turns doing chores at their school. I saw young kids making their way around the city by themselves which made me nervous at first but I learned that they were perfectly fine.

Although, some reports have been saying that crime has been increasing lately. If this is true, what could have changed?

Here are more statistics about the crime rate. It’s all something to think about.