Howl’s Moving Castle Breakfast

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie when it was first announced in 2004, being a huge Ghibli fan. For those of you who are really missing out and don’t know Studio Ghibli, they are like the Disney or Pixar in Japan and have created some films like Spirited Away and Ponyo. This particular Ghibli film is about a girl who meets the famous wizard Howl and because of that, a witch pursuing Howl curses her by changing the girl into an old woman. I like how Ghibli never fails to make all their old woman characters look pretty ugly, complete with a huge wrinkly nose and a few nasty moles.

Dish: Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Cheese, and Some Red Liquid (Broth?)

I felt a heart attack coming just from watching this scene but boy did it look good. Kind of makes you wonder if the Ghibli staff were really hungry when they made this. It’s a pretty simple dish but challenging to find such big, fat juicy bacon like that! Maybe it’s the little kid…What am I kidding, that’s still huge!

Even the thick double cut bacon I bought couldn’t match in size but it is a cartoon so I don’t even know if a slice of bacon like that even exists. I bet there’s one with all those bacon lovers out there! Now the mysterious red liquid in the bowl I had to play with a bit. I just made some chicken broth and added a little red food coloring but I guess I could have gotten away with Kool-Aid for visual but the broth was a nice touch to the breakfast.

Urp. It was a challenge but the job was well devoured :9